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we are 07S6B, a class of 26 people who come from all walks of life. we have two top scorers (10 A1s). we are proud to say that we emerged as champion ct for combined sports meet. we play all forms of sports- soccer, vball, bball, squash and badminton. we also play mind sports like weiqi and chinese chess. we are also musically talented, with guitarists, a violinist, pianists and CO-ist?. lastly we come from the cool blue faculty artemis and study in the institution hwachong

jts 03/02

  ;class members.
`wenjing mickey mouse
`farrica mao2mao2
   状元 - 10A1s!!!



`sophia sohsoh or fifi

`tingjun stoner gamer
`andre mike
`zhiwei old man


   `eddie longan or cow
`kaiming chips&dale

`wenwei monkey
`chenyang dajie

`longyi ln e

`xionghuaimAo (osh)
`yaohui 要花yaohua
woody woodpecker
  状元 - 10A1s!!!

`yaolei you tiao

`Mr Lawrence Remedios
 ]Civics Tutor
 ]Students Council
 ]Wonderful toys

`Ms Lim Siew Hui
 ]CIP unit

`Ms Jacqueline Phua

`Mrs Chan-Lim Yin-Shin
 ]General Paper
 ]Student Devt unit

`Ms Khoo Lilin
 ]General Paper

`Mrs Chiw Pui San

`Mrs Lim-Tan Wee Hoon

wishing you all a happy bdae (early or late) :D
02/08 ;sophia
31/07 ;longyi
28/06 ;jack
18/06 ;zhenchao
15/06 ;ivan
12/06 ;zhijie
13/05 ;honghao
05/05 ;eddie
28/04 ;chenyang
24/04 ;michael
22/03 ;catherine
19/03 ;sionghwai
14/03 ;kaiming
07/03 ;melissa

   .:upcoming events:.
25/08 -olympics closing
26/08 -GP1&2 prelims
01/09 -teachers' day
08/09 -econs1&2 prelims
09/09 -maths1 prelims
10/09 -chem3 prelims
11/09 -phy3 prelims
12/09 -phy2 prelims
15/09 -maths2 prelims
16/09 -yaohui's bdae
16/09 -chem1&2 prelims
17/09 -phy1 prelims
25/09 -farrica's bdae
01/10 -childrens' day
19/10 -ali's bdae
08/11 -zhiwei's bdae
09/11 -jiankai's bdae

+campfire item -fac rep
+o levels: 2 top scorers
+cross country 07:
   koh kaiming -1st
   lin longyi -4th
   yao lei -14th
+class experiences 2007
 [blog competition]: -1st
+sports meet 2007:
   champion ct
+fac shield: artemis
+cross country 08:
   koh kaiming -1st
   lin longyi -7th
   [mass run]
   jack lim -6th
   sim zhenchao -9th

  ;artemis farmily.
artemis ;whom we fight for
04S63 ;greatgrandseniors
05S63 ;grandseniors
06S6B ;senior class
06S63 ;aunty class
08S6B ;juniors
07S61 ;
07S63 ;
07S65 ;
07S67 ;
07S69 ;
07S6D ;
07S6F ;
07S6H ;
07S6K ;

  ;07s6b farmily.
wen - jing

  ;big hc farmily.
hwachong ;who we are
07A10 ;
07A11 ;
07A12 ;
07A13 ;
07A14 ;
07A15 ;
07S60 ;
07S62 ;
07S64 ;
07S66 ;
07S68 ;
07S6A ;
07S6C ;
07S6E ;
07S6G ;
07S6J ;
07S70 ;
07S71 ;
07S72 ;
07S73 ;
07S74 ;
07S75 ;
07S76 ;
07S77 ;
07S78 ;
07S79 ;
07S7A ;
07S7B ;
07S7C ;
07S7D ;
07S7E ;
07S7F ;

Get many points for csm
ARTEMIS win fac shield!!
Get promoted :)

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Hahaha hello moto everyone this blog is pretty dead for now. FOR NOW. :D

Anyway! We haven't met in a while, so Kaiming / Mel / Cat / I thought that we should have a class gathering soon, maybe in June after Siong Hwai / Zhiwei / Zhen Chao / Kaiming POP. :) YEP! It'd be good to catch up with everyone again. And maybe -hopefully- with our teachers as well :)

On a random note, the new Artemis Dept Fac Head is from our grand-junior class, haha! :D

Okay anyway take care everyone :)

Wen Jing

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    Monday, March 9 flew away

A-level results

dear o7s6B,

i just want to congratulate all those who did well for the A-levels, and remind all those who didn't get their A's that if you showed significant improvement (e.g. if you were getting U or S all the way until the prelims), you should be happy and proud of your achievements. 

For some of you who got unexpected B's or C's, just remember this. 

In the end, it doesn't really matter. 

So you encounter a minor setback. So you have to readjust your plans for further studies. I believe everyone in our class got good enough results to enter the university, and probably even the course of your choice.
If you've worked steadily and hard, but still ended up with a B (e.g. in Physics). Don't be too disappointed. Both you and I know that you are no less deserving of an A as much as the other 6 in 10 students who got the A. For such situations you know i will readily vouch for you in a recommendation.

For those of you who think... KNOW, you could have done better, had you started to work earlier. Remember and learn from this lesson. Don't make the same mistake in the army/university.
Advise your juniors too, lest they experience the same regret that you do now. In hindsight everything is 20/20.

For those who wonder why i chose to give you your result slip face down, and mostly did not say congratulations, it was because i wanted to give you the right to discover your own results under your own circumstances.
Some of your chose to share your delight/happiness/satisfaction/gratitude with me, in which case i congratulated you.
Some of you chose to share your disappointment/sorrow/regret with me. In which case I may have sympathized with you, but congratulated and reminded you that it was it was not the B you should be disappointed in but perhaps the 3 A's you should be proud of.
Or i may have pointed out that your C was a 4 grade improvement from a U. 

Results that would have made a student proud in any other school often do not in this school, because we have been too conditioned to believe that everyone gets 4 A's. It is a unique flaw with a school that celebrates it's outstanding results and gives the impression that anything less is unacceptable. 

By now all the happiness/sadness would have subsided. Results would probably have been put in perspective.
Once again,
To those who did well, congratualtions.
To those who did well but maybe not all A's and are/were disappointed, take heart and be proud of the A's that you did obtain.
To those who know you could have done better, well... just be more proactive the next time opportunity comes knocking, in whatever form. 
The A-levels may be a culmination of 2/6 years (for IP) of study, but you still have much ahead of you.
Whatever the case... Life.Goes.On.

mr R

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    Wednesday, January 7 flew away

all go army loh..... haha, dun be the one who kena tekan can le.

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Hello everyone! our nice junior Zijie has invited us to his place on fri 26th dec for a post christmas party. It starts in the day till night so if u can make it in the day just arrive early yah. there'll be potluck so we'll have to bring some food too. N there's a Decoder's outing on mon 29th dec. it's a boardgames cafe just like settlers, from 2-6pm for $6 per person. We shall meet at newton mrt at 1.15pm perhaps? pls not be late if not we'll miss the 2pm start time..value for money yah..

will inform yall what food to bring on fri..so pls reply me asap if u can make it for both outings k. Thanks and Merry Christmas! =)

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PHOTOS -by osh

merry christmas and happy new year


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grad day photos!

HIHI all =) ahha it's been very long since i last posted..everyone must be busy studying now right and i'm not sure who and when will anyone see this but haha just some grad day photos here..it's been very fun having u all in the class and i'll always rmb all the memories we've made tgt..continue to keep in contact after A's k! and we can have a chalet! anyone can book?=)) haha but for now let's all JIA YOU for A's!! good luck!! :)
Haha here's my PW group! lol=)

hehe say cheese! haha dodo ali and i!

haha 3 musketeers?



haha group photo!

the cute bears!

haha sohpia and i =))


grandma grandpa and granddaughter? hehe


hehe ali and Mr R.

lao gong mel and lao po ss!(who is my lao gong too!;)

hehe the sisterhood?

getting ready for grad with R at the back =)

lopsided photo taken by wei lun haha and Mr R at the back haha omg..

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